Can I throw toilet paper in the toilet?

Understanding Toilet Paper Etiquette in Albania: A Must-Read for Travelers

Planning a trip to Albania? One question might pop up: Is it okay to flush toilet paper in Albania? Well, in most parts of Albania, it should actually go in the trash bin, not the toilet. This is because the local plumbing isn’t designed for flushing paper. Doing so can cause blockages, and even plumbing disasters.

Sounds unusual, right? But, it’s quite the norm in Albania and many other parts of the globe. A survey reveals that only about 25% of the world’s population flushes the paper. Others opt for water, bidets, or the trusty trash can.

Cultural Norms and the Albanian Approach

Albania’s rich history has shaped many unique customs, including how toilet paper is used and disposed of. Here, that is viewed as unsanitary for flushing. Albanians typically use water, like a hose or a bidet, believing it to be more effective and eco-friendlier.

Toilet paper is used for drying surfaces or for personal hygiene but always ends up in the bin.  This isn’t just an Albanian thing. Many countries, especially in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, have similar practices, influenced by factors like religion, climate, and resources.

Some common sense approach to using the Toilet in places other than where you are staying .i.e. restaurants, bars etc:

  • Inspect First: Check the toilet’s condition before using it.
  • Use Water Wisely: If available, use water for cleaning, as is customary.
  • Dispose Correctly: Place used paper in the bin, not the toilet.


Embracing these practices is part of the authentic travel experience, helping you appreciate Albania’s unique culture. So, when in Albania, remember these tips, and you’ll have no trouble navigating their toilets!

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